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Since 1970, Tough Traveler has specialized in designing and manufacturing quality luggage, backpacks, baby carriers, and other bags. From our upstate NY factory, we create bags that are supremely usable, attractive, and durable.  Our full online catalog offers detailed information, and our knowledgeable customer service staff is avalable to answer your questions at our toll-free number (1-800-GO-TOUGH), or by email.

Tough Traveler's products are designed and made in USA

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"I [have a] Tough Traveler backpack that I bought over thirty years ago.... That backpack saw me through high school, four years of undergraduate school, two years of graduate school, countless day hikes and most importantly, through all kinds of weather. I have overloaded it beyond all reason, thrown it on the ground, dragged it on the ground, abused it and done everything to it that could possibly be done to a backpack. It has stood up to it all, never splitting a seam, never breaking down and always available. I still use it to go grocery shopping, still overstuffing it and I still drag stuff around in it. It is still completely usable and functioning. I thought you should know about your product and that it is still doing great, over thirty years later. A loyal customer."
Camille Hehn, Troy, NY


Made in USA

USA-Made Luggage
Tough Traveler offers a wide assortment of luggage & other bags!

Made-in-USA Luggage
All of Tough Traveler's products are 100% Made-in-USA


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